Saturday, January 07, 2006

How to remove poverty from the face of the Earth

The root cause of poverty is not the creation of the concept of money but the blocking of free flow of money by the money hoarders. It is due to the unnatural concentration of wealth in a few pockets in the world that we see widespread poverty. It is also because we have divided the world into several countries and created borders to block the free flow of money, goods, people from one country in the world to another.

It is because the world has been divided into independent blocks called countries that there is a clash of interests among countries. The solution lies in UNIFYING THE INTERESTS OF ALL COUNTRIES. And the only way to do it is to create a borderless world. Let people migrate from one country to another at will. Open all borders. No need for any Passport or Visa. There will be just one Biometric Identity card with GPS (location traceable at all times) which you'll need to carry. Let there be a complete freedom of movement of goods, people & money. Let there be a single government which rules over the whole world. Let there be a uniform tax rate across the globe. Just like water spreads evenly in a utensil, so will people, goods and money. For the initial one or two years there will be an exodus of people from poor countries into the currently rich ones. But in time a balance will be created across the world and I guarantee you that POVERTY WILL BE ELIMINATED FROM THE FACE OF THE EARTH. THERE IS ENOUGH MONEY FOR EVERYONE ON THIS PLANET, IF ONLY THE HOARDED MONEY IS GIVEN AN OUTLET. There are unimaginable sums of unaccounted money from many countries lying in the Swiss Banks and other such havens for unaccounted wealth. Just imagine what this enormous amount of money could do for the world, if all this money was released. Countries must be dissolved and borders eliminated to set the human race free. Not only would such absolute freedom be beneficial for the entire human population in monetary terms, it would also bring with it a mingling of cultures and thus peace and brotherhood across the world. Religions, cultures and races will mingle and a new way of life will emerge. The way it was meant to be.


Now before someone tries to lift my idea and patent it for megabucks or publishes an article in his/her own name, let me tell everyone that the copyrights of this idea belong to me and anyone trying to plagiarize would be sued. ;)



iconoclast84 said...

I guess the first reaction of any decently educated person, after reading this piece, would b, a loud...WHAT..n then well shutting the page. However, I am pissed, because such idiotic and 'not thought into' solutions for something as grave as poverty irritate me. Please do try to reconsider your point of view in light of the following:
-Definition of poverty has nothing to do with money, please read amartya sen on poverty in light of 'capability development'
-one government...alright then..will it be bush/blair/our own manmohan/or some HAMAS leader
-was currency, and valuations..who will get how much
Theres so much coming to my mind..but it wud do u gud by just trying to consider the above.
I'm sure this was supposed to be taken in the lighter vein...but poverty is not to be taken in the lighter vein..all of some way are drastically affected by it..i am not suffering from poverty..but i suffered because of cousin was killed in kashmir, where he had gone for a vacation, somebody threw a granade on him, because he was accompanied by a BSF personnel. The person who threw the granade was caught, a 10 year old kid, who did not even understand his religion, his nationality. he did it because of poverty. lets be sensitive to poverty, as much as cliched it might sound, it is THE ROOT problem. n we can start by not proposing such ridiculous solutions to the problem. Believe me, this is the second most offensive/ridiculous solution for poverty I have read/heard..well after..let the poor die.
n believe me..u neednt worry abt any copyright violations..

Navin Superstar said...

Dear Anchal,
Hi. And thank you for visiting my blog and taking the time to go through it.

What exactly was in the poverty article that you think irritated you? Instead of just being vague it would have helped if you had pointed out anything specific in my article which makes you believe so strongly that it is not a solution for eliminating world poverty? Then maybe, I could have discussed with you.

1.What is it that you find in the idea of UNIFYING THE INTERESTS OF THE WORLD BY HAVING ONE WORLD so repulsive that you were so pissed off?

2.You ask who will lead the new ONE WORLD GOVT?.... It would be people chosen from all over the world.

3.You ask about currency and valuations.......We could have a common currency all over the world. What is so difficult in doing this? You have the example of the Euro being used in the European Union to go by.

4.You are wrong again to suppose that the article was written in a lighter vein. It was written in all seriousness and is a workable idea if taken seriously. What you are getting worried about are the nitty-gritties which can be taken care of by an expert team of people, once the basic idea of UNIFYING THE WORLD AND OPENING ALL BORDERS takes off.

5. You quote an incident from your personal life of your cousin getting killed in a terrorist attack.
Although I am sympathetic towards you for it and offer my condolences and I also agree that young people are getting sucked into terrorism due to poverty......but how does that incident have anything to do with my article on removing world poverty?

I would say that a 21 year old like you needs to be more open minded before posting such mindless reactions.


Nupur said...

i am sorry to say that the idea of the writer is completely impractical.the idea of global citizenship is a waking dream. global citizenship would mean merging of all national boundaries......but not the national thoughts...........the feeling of nationalism will still prevail in the minds of people. for ex- govt. of india has long ago abolished the caste system but still people are fighting for their own communities for reservations etc..

Anonymous said...

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