Sunday, July 23, 2006

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Hi Navin, I'm actually commenting on your commentary on 'Chahoonga Main Tujhe Saanjh Savere' at the Intent blog. Like Cinda, I was looking for a translation of this beautiful song and via Google found yours. Thank you so much for posting it for those of us who love the song but didn't understand the lyric. My comment is that you compare the song to "I'm Not in Love," but I don't think that's the case. This song isn't about denying love, it's about realizing that the beloved does not want to hear about it. In other words, the lyric is quite literal. The singer takes joy in the love he feels but knows that he can no longer tell the beloved that he feels as he does. I'm suggesting this from a careful watching of the movie. Maybe you disagree? Anyway, I just thought it was a point I'd like to make. All best, rhame

Superstar said...

Dear Rhame,
Thanks for refreshing my memory about this translation I wrote more than a year back at Intentblog. I hardly go to that site anymore.

I had written in my comment that this song "was written in the same vein" as "I'm Not In Love". Neither of the songs are about "denying love" as you've interpreted. I don't think that even "I'm Not In Love" was about denying love. As per my understanding, that song was about expressing love. In that song the lover is only *saying* that she is "not in love" but her eyes and her soul are screaming that she's in love. It's just that she chose a very unique way to tell her lover that she's madly in love by saying exactly the opposite of what she was feeling.

Now coming to Chahoonga Main Tujhe..........that's a song about friendship and not romantic love. I agree that "the singer takes joy in the love he feels but knows that he can no longer tell the beloved(friend)". The common thing about both the above songs is that both the singers chose a very unique way of expressing their love by saying exactly the opposite of what they truly feel. In Chahoonga Main, the singer wants to call out his friend and talk to him and be with him, but he saying "awaaz main na doonga" (I will not call out your name).


lukin4intellect said...

hey Navin, do you know who this shair/ghazal is written by? I used to have it but then lost it, trying to find it again, can you help?

Raste par ro ro ke humse
Poocha paaon ke chhaalon ne
Basti kitni door basa li
Dil mein basne waalon ne

Superstar said...

It was sung by Ashok Khosla. I don't remember who wrote it.