Saturday, December 31, 2005


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Jignesh said...

Hi Navin,
How are ya? I came to u r post from IntentBlog.My name is Jignesh.And I do comment on intent very often under name Jignesh.Basically I am in California.These photo is hot.Is these lady u r girlfriend or somethin...She is hot...Anyways CAio

Navin Superstar said...

Dear Jignesh,
Am good, how are you? Thanks for visiting this blog. Haven't been writing much on this space as I was busy with my house shifting. Great to know you are in Cali, one of my cousin sisters is also there in Sacramento.

Nope, I think you are talking about my pic with Perizaad Zorabian. She is not my girlfriend but an Indian Movie star. She's done films like Jogger's Park, Ek Ajnabee etc.

There are many other pics if you click on the old months archives.